Air Vanuatu implements new cargo requirements

All cargo shipments departing from Port Vila, Santo and Tanna will be subject to new requirements from March 30, 2020.

Cargo bookings must now be made 48 hours prior to departure time and complete information must be clearly provided.

Air Vanuatu’s Manager Marketing and Communications, Paul Pio says the new cargo requirements apply to all aircraft operated by Air Vanuatu.

Pio says this new policy will allow customers and the airline to have enough lead in time to book cargo space and ensure the parcels are collected by the right consignees as per the details provided by the sender.

He adds that consignees must present a photo ID prior to collecting the shipment.

A description of goods is required, which includes the number of pieces, total gross weight (include packaging), shipper addresses: phone/email address, departure and destination ports, consignee addresses: phone/email address, departure and destination ports

Booking and enquiries can be made via the airlines Reservations Centre, Cargo Department or their outer island airport agents.

Bookings must be submitted no later than six (6) hours prior to departure time.

Confirmed cargo must be presented minimum two (2) hours prior to departure time. Airway bills will be issued upon Acceptance and Payment of the cargo shipment.