Digicel Vanuatu supports Haos Blong Handikraft

Digicel Vanuatu has provided supports Serah Tari and other vendors at the Haos Blong Handikraft with a Huawei 4G Router for their marketing project.

Tari is one of the four House Leaders at the Haos Blong Handikraft and she is very happy with Digicel's support in this.

The vendors will be able to post up and share their new locally and handmade products and items on their Facebook Page @Haos Blong Handikraft.

Haos Blong Handikraft has been operating since November 2017 and it is dedicated to selling only Vanuatu Made products.

The market provides over 50 vendors with a platform to sell a wide variety of handicrafts such as alean (island) baskets, home decor, carvings, jewelry and artwork.

Handicrafts from each of the six provinces can be found at the market.

Handicraft products are either produced by vendors (often on site) or purchased from wholesalers around Port Vila or the outer islands and on sold.

The marketplace is playing a pivotal role in re-establishing traditional handicrafts as a main player in the retail market after it had gradually become inundated with plastic and imported souvenirs.'


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