Kava farmer to supply 40,000 kava cuttings to Vanuatu agriculture department

The Vanuatu Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) has signed a service agreement under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) with a lead kava farmer and his family on Tanna.

Charlie and Adeline Misa from South Tanna will be supplying kava cuttings to farmers that DARD will be supporting through the National Kava Replanting Programme.

The total number of kava cuttings to be supplied is 40,000 (20 cuttings per bundle x 2,000 bundles).

Director for DARD, Antoine Ravo, said, “This is the first PPP that DARD has signed with the farmers in TAFEA province.

“The value of the contract is VT 1.2 Million. The first payment by DARD will be end of April 2020 and which will kick start the first supply of 1,000 bundles by family Misa with requests for kava planting materials coordinated through DARD TAFEA.

“The last payment will be on May 2020 which will supply the last 2,000 bundles of kava cuttings.

“Similar PPP agreements has been signed with kava farmers on Efate, Epi and Santo which has assisted DARD to achieved its targets especially with regards to kava.  So this first PPP signed for TAFEA will assist famers to grow more noble varieties of kava to increase the supply of market on Tanna and Aneityum island in coming years.

Mr Ravo said, “DARD will be looking at increasing kava production on Erromango island as the second main producing island in TAFEA after Tanna”.

Adeline Misa whose family is considered key kava farmers in South Tanna said, “We acknowledged DARD for the partnership agreement we have signed. We will be ready to supply kava cuttings to any interested farmers through DARD Isangel office as soon as potential kava producers are ready and issue their requests”.

Director Ravo thanked farmers for willingly supporting the government’s policy and the Kava Strategy in this regard.

“Your contribution to the kava sector will encourage more farmers to grow kava thus increasing supply which should reflect through reasonable price of kava at local market outlets.

“Kava is the top export product of Vanuatu overseas, followed by coconut and beef.

Photo supplied Caption: Director Antoine Ravo and kava farmer, Adeline Misa, signing the agreement.



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