Successful Vanuatu farmer sells peanuts to outer island

Peanut farmer Moses Wesau of Gaua island in Vanuatu is being hailed a success.

Wesau used to harvest peanuts from his farm three times a year producing an average of 400kg per harvest.

The supply was just for Gaua island until 2019 when he started exporting peanuts to Santo island.

The elongated peanut variety with white nuts are very popular and for Gaua to supply peanuts is a new success story because the demand is very high locally despite the low population market.

Wesau is reported to be very happy with the arrival of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development's new tractor on the island.

The machinery will enable Wesau to now plough over 4 hectares of his land to grow peanuts to meet his market demands in Santo in 2020.

Wesau sells his peanuts to buyers in Santo in particular a Chinese shop in town and a local shop at Banban area.

The farmer also gathers technical advice from the Assistant Agriculture Officer (AAO) for Gaua, John Antas.


Photo source DARD/Facebook courtesy of Alain Simeon Caption: Peanut farmer Moses Wesau with his produce