Tanna farmers hit Port Vila markets

Tanna Farmers Association members in Vanuatu have been working hard to grow crops and vegetables to supply the Port Vila Market.

“Transporting goods from Tanna to Port Vila markets in containers will become the new normal. And we will not stop here. Our goal is export crops overseas through existing businesses such as Dynamic Foods Company,” said Ps Tom Naket, Food Programme Manager for Tanna Farmers Association.

On Thursday, 25 June 2020, history was made when a 20-foot container was delivered to Mautoa otherwise known as Freswota Park by South Sea Cargo.

There were over 600 bundles of taro and other root crops harvested by farmers from around Tanna inside the container.

The container was packed at Lenakel Monday and was at the market on Thursday.

Transporting of local crops to market in containers is a new and innovative way in Vanuatu. Risk of bruising, theft, damage and loss is negated. Freshness is definitely preserved. The containerised service is made possible through a local logistics company called South Sea Cargo.

“We are very excited because we have found the means to move agriculture produce to market.

“It took about two weeks to organise with our members and from harvest to load and within two days we are selling at the market. Next shipment of more taro, yams and vegetables such as round cabbage and carrots will arrive in 2 weeks’ time.

“If you are planning to have some ceremonies or celebration during the Independence Anniversary week, you can place an order with Tanna Farmers Association by calling in at Mautoa Park and speak to the Tanna Farmers Association representatives,” Ps Naket said.

Photo supplied Caption: 20-foot container packed with more than 600 bundles of taro and other root crops harvested by farmers from around Tanna at Mautoa Park in Port Vila.




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