Vanuatu’s Torba Handicraft Co-operative releases catalogue

The Skills for Handicraft Programme operational at the Torba Skills Centre in Vanuatu’s Torba Province has a new sales and marketing tool that will help drive the sale of their local handicraft products.

The programme started in March 2018 with 15 clients.

The local handicraft are produced by the weavers of Vetimboso village in west Vanualava and Motalava.

Most of their sales are distributed through the Torba Handicraft Co-operative (THC) to wholesalers mainly in Port Vila targeting a niche market with top quality products from Torba province.

"There is a high opportunity for Torba products to be sold in tourists destination such as Port Vila markets.”

25 people have been registered in the THC as co-operative members.

The catalogue was produced with the support from THC and the Australian government funded program- Vanuatu Skills Partnership (TVET).

THC is a producer cooperative located in Sola, Vanualava which focuses on exporting handicrafts outside of the province to bring income to local producers.

Torba provincial Government stated that the development is part of the overall government strategy to strengthen the local handicraft value chain by increasing market access, particularly with regard to demonstrating why local is better and to increase interest from a range of domestic and international buyers.

Photo supplied Caption: Torba handicraft catalogue



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