Vanuatu Coconut Oil Production Santo Ltd turns 10

Coconut Oil Production Santo Ltd (COPSL) has reached a milestone of ten years of operation from Luganville on Santo.

The company celebrated the anniversary last weekend.

Minister for Agriculture Matai Seremaiah, Luganville Mayor Peter Patty, Mr Berne Glaser Chairman of COPSL and Mr Jeffrey Homal, General Manager of COPSL officiated.

 “COPSL would like to thank and acknowledge its farmers, staff, suppliers and customers, for assisting COPSL over the past 10 years,” said Jffrey Homal, General Manager COPSL.

“Although the international coconut oil commodity price had dropped to its lowest in 20 years, we have still been able to stay in business due to the support of the Vanuatu community,” said Bernie Glaser Chairman, COSPL.

“We are very enthusiastic about the next 10 years for COPSL and are committed to continuing to value add to the business.

“Whilst we acknowledge the Government of Vanuatu is assisting the copra industry the best way possible in the short term, we do advocate that support should be provided to businesses that value add and are local employers.

“We strongly believe, that in moving forward, the future of coconut production in Vanuatu, will be linked to being a primary source of renewable energy.”


Photo supplied Caption: Minister Matai Seremaiah,  Luganville Mayor Peter Patty with staff of COPSL during the 10th anniversary celebration



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