Vanuatu to develop national standard for Virgin Coconut Oil

The Vanuatu Bureau of Food standards conducted a consultation to develop a national standard for Virgin Coconut Oil.

The consultation brought together the line agencies, Department of Health, Department of Industry and Trades, Department of Agriculture, Buyers, manufacture and producers of Virgin coconut oil.

The purpose of the consultation was to identify the needs of the various key stakeholders in this value chain, to know the experience of each stakeholder in virgin coconut oil, through their feedbacks it will benefit the Virgin coconut industry.

Establishing a national standard will help to market the product, increase quality, increase the safety of the produce, promote health and safety of the consumers and contribute to improve the virgin oil industry.

The respected departments each play an important role towards virgin coconut industry.

The role of the Department of Agriculture towards the coconut industry is to increase the production of coconut through good agriculture practises, facilitate technical and financial support for the trainings on coconut plantations.

Replanting of coconut throughout Vanuatu was identified as a major input towards the development of coconut virgin oil.

The consultation concluded with certain views from the respected stakeholders, public and private sector, with their contribution a national standard for virgin coconut oil can be establish.

Photo supplied Caption: Participants at the consultation     

Tensly Sumbe