Vanuatu Financial Services Commission expands to Tafea Province

The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission will be established at the Tafea Provincial Headquarters as well as in the province.

The President of Tafea Provincial Government Council, Jeffery Kaut signed a Memorandum of Understanding with VFSC Commissioner Branan Karae paving the way for the presence of the commission in the province.

In his address, Mr Kaut welcomed the signing agreement stating that the expansion of VFSC services to Tafea Province is in line with the National Government’s decentralisation programme.

He added that it is a milestone development and achievement in the history and partnership relationship of the Tafea Provincial authority with the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission.

In his response, Mr Karae thanked the provincial council for supporting the MOU.

He said the expansion of VFSC services to Tafea Province is also a positive signal of the level of the growth in the economy and business activities in Tafea Province.

Business operators and charitable associations will now be able to register and renew business names, charitable associations and local companies and not travel to Port Vila and Luganville to get these services.

They will also be able to receive their VFSC Certificates via their email and or obtain their certificates from the Tafea Provincial Headquarters.

Photo supplied Caption: President of TAFEA Provincial Government Council, Jeffery Kaut (right) and the Vanuatu Financial Services Commissioner, Branan Karae, at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding