Vanuatu Price Control Bureau calls for fair-trading practices

The Price Control Bureau is cautioning all business vendors across Vanuatu, particularly those in the retail, local produce and transport sectors to practice fair-trading during the COVID-19 situation.

The Bureau, which falls under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management says it has received complaints from consumers of retail shops, local produce suppliers and transport service providers increasing prices on food items and their services.

“We are currently investigating these complaints,” Bureau said in a statement.

“Businesses should not be using coronavirus situation to take advantage of consumers during this vulnerable time for our nation.

“We have received assurance from the Vanuatu Business Resilience Council’s Retail Cluster, which is coordinating with all major retailers, that they expect no issues with supply of foods and that business will continue as usual with import cargo.

“Consumers should therefore expect continuous supply of staple foods in the coming months without increases in pricing.

“Should we continue to receive complaints about price increases and our investigations determine that the price increases are unjustified, we will be forced to implement price control regulations under the Price Control Act [Cap 86].

“The Price Control Bureau will also exercise its powers to audit businesses, if necessary.

Photo supplied Caption: Price Control Bureau wants fair pricing practiced in retail shops and local produce sales  



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