Vanuatu Public Service Commission Directors to review business plan

The Public Service Commission (PSC) summoned all Directors and Director Generals to analyze and review their respective Business Plan 2020 in the midst of the challenging economic times.

The Secretary and Chairman of PSC, Martin Mahe urged all Government Ministries with the leadership of their Directors and Director Generals to strongly pause or remove all activities in their Business Plans and focus on more important priorities which should leads to minimum turn around time for all Government services as we faced the unprecedented impacts of Covid-19.

The re-adjustments of their Business Plans means now budget allocated for non-priority activities (such as events, conferences; travels, etc) can now be diverted into incentivizing much needed service delivery within urban and especially rural areas.

PSC also informed the Directors and Director Generals that the re-adjustments of their business plans will also mean their performance will now assessed according to the new version of the Business Plans and its activities.

PSC would like to see more activities of their business plans diverted to boosting private sector led growth, improvement of social services and the much urgency to keep the service sector revolving so people of Vanuatu continue to thrive in their domains of lives.

The novel coronavirus pandemic is having drastic effects on the global economy as most countries have gone into lockdown mode to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Vanuatu remains in a State of Emergency with its borders closed and its impacting the economy.

Photo supplied Caption: Chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC) Martin Mahe


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