Vanuatu tourism permits for 2019

Acting director of Vanuatu’s Department of Tourism, Donald Pelam says they are now issuing tourism permits for 2019 to all tourism businesses.

These businesses include hotels, resorts, motels, bungalows, cultural villages, and tour /transfer operators within the six provinces that meet the minimum standards.

Pelam explained that there are two permits, Conditional Permits and Full Permits.

The Conditional Permits are for six months only to work on their short falls and then get a full permit for two years. However, the Conditional Permits can't be renewed.

A Full Permit is renewable after two years. Within the period of two years there will be frequent inspections to those products to ensure that standards are prevail.

“I'm appealing to all the tourism operators to apply for a tourism permit for next year 2019. This so to help the tourism operators to present their tourism permits before obtaining a business license from the Department of Customs Rates and Taxes or the Provincial Head Quarter.

Be mindful that if you are operating a tourism activity as a business and don't have a tourism permit, you can't operate your business or even get a business licence unless you come to the Department” Pelam said.


Photo supplied Caption: Donald Pelam (right) signing the second batch of Conditional and Full Tourism Permits


Tensly Sumbe