Wokikik.vu rebranded VanuatuWok.vu

Youth Challenge Vanuatu (YCV) announced that their old Wok I Kik service and www.wokikik.vu website has been rebranded as Vanuatu Wok.

The improved online service for employers and job seekers remains core to YCV’s mission to support employment and enterprise in Vanuatu.

Youth Challenge Vanuatu is a not-for-profit organisation that is run by and for ni-Vanuatu people.

Supporting YCV means supporting local community and youth. YCV helps youth to gain employment, work experience, volunteering and entrepreneurship opportunities and knowledge.

Narand Jack Beerbul, Chairman of the Youth Challenge Vanuatu Board of Directors said, “What it means for our customers and job-seekers is business as usual. We continue to run the same website, but under a new and refreshed name. The services our YCV charity provides to help youth into employment and enterprise cannot be done without the funds we gain from employers posting job ads on the VanuatuWok.vu website”.

The new name Vanuatu Wok captures and expands on YCV’s mission to support and strengthen employment in Vanuatu. Their vision is to make Vanuatu Wok the number one employment marketplace. Helping people in Vanuatu find work, and make it easier for employers to recruit and hire across the country – ultimately helping the country to thrive.

Youth Challenge Vanuatu started the original Wok I Kik website back in 2009.  Mr Beerbul said, “This name change helps avoid the confusion that currently exists between the two old wokikik sites .vu and .com.”

The vanuatuwok.vu job board is full of features, which include custom job seeker alerts and the ability for job-seekers to list their resume.

It also allows employers to list and manage their own job listings, along with a new feature, which allows organisations to create a profile on the website to promote their business.

“Our name change will have no effect on our services and products. Our commitment to our customers, job-seekers and community remain our highest priority,” said Mr Beerbul.

Photo supplied Caption: Chairman Narand Jack Beerbul with Lord Mayor Eric Festa and YCV stakeholders at the launch of the new website


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