12 youths from SWY Programme return to Port Vila

Twelve youths who have attended the Ship for World Youth (SWY 31) programme have returned to Port Vila.

The young people left the country on 15 January and spent 50 days in Japan and on board the ship.

They also visited countries like Australia, Palau and Solomon Islands.

"These young people have learnt so much; made new friends and have explored the world with high hopes of doing something worthwhile for them upon their return" says Regiana Iakula, National leader for Team Vanuatu to SWY 31.

The participants have attended, participated, studied and discuss common global issues and have exchanged ideas through discussion, conducted visit to youth-related institutions, cultural facilities, industrial facilities, attended seminars and participated in cultural activities.

They have also gained the ability to deal with different cultures, communication skills, management skills and leadership skills through having discussion, cultural exchange and workshops that were organized.

Their involvement in various activities like cultural and multi-national exchange opportunities is to help promote international awareness and leadership.
"They have attended the SWY with expectations to achieve something that will benefit them, their community and country as a whole.”

The Vanuatu National Youth Council (VNYC) secretariat confirmed that the programme aims at nurturing youths to take up leadership role, acquire certain skills, and aims to establish strong human networks beyond national borders.

It also allowed participating youths from various background who have journeyed the 50 days to also learn about the 'Strength of Japan' such as advanced technologies and cultures and disseminate them to the world.
The SWY programme is funded by the Japanese government and the Vanuatu government through the Ministry of Youth development and Sport and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Port Vila municipal Council.
This is the 31st edition of the SWY and the fourth time for Vanuatu to participate in the programme.


Tensley Sumbe