Vanuatu celebrates International Seafarers Day

Vanuatu joined other countries around the world to celebrate the International Seafarers Day Tuesday, 25 June 2019.

The Vanuatu Mobile Force led a parade in the morning from Fatumaru Bay to Sea Front Park.

Chief Executive Officer of Vanuatu Seafarers Union Captain Jeneck Patunvanu says the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has chosen gender equality as the main campaign theme for the day to emphasis on the importance and value of women with professional ranks throughout the maritime world.

“I take this time as CEO of the Union to encourage woman and girls in Vanuatu to pursue careers in this sector and I call upon the government to prioritize opportunities for women and girls in maritime” Captain Patunvanu said.

The purpose of the day is also to acknowledge seafarers for their contribution to the world economy and the civil society.

“Seafarers contribute a lot to the economy of Vanuatu but they received little recognition”.

In 2010, the International Maritime Organisation, decided to designate 25 June as the International Day of the Seafarers as a way to recognize that almost everything that we use in our daily lives has been directly or indirectly affected by sea transport.


Photo by Office of the Maritime Regulator 


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