Vanuatu DARD to begin Awards Programme in 2019

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) will begin an awards programme this year to acknowledge the best performing officer and best performing province of the year.

DARD director, Antoine Ravo announced the awards during the department’s annual planning retreat.

“This year, an award programme will be introduced and the best performing officer and province will be awarded for his outstanding performance and a selection criterion will be circulated by the management to all provincial heads”, said Mr Ravo.

“Over the years, officers have been working very hard and so it is very timely that the department needs to start demonstrating credit to recognize their productivity in serving our nation".

“This year, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development will work with local farmers with three main principles, one is for all officers to be Strategic in any activities that is efficient and effectively implemented, two is for officers to be Innovative and be creative to increase agricultural productivity and three, a high Performing department that is proactive in its services delivery”, Mr Ravo said.

Photo supplied Caption: Vanuatu DARD Director Antoine Ravo


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