Vanuatu DARD holds Farmer Field Day at Tagabe Agriculture Farm

Vanuatu’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) organised a field day Tuesday, at the Tagabe Agriculture farm

The main theme for the field day is ‘'Planem tede, blong kat kakae mo mani tumoro”

The objective of the theme is to encourage people to increase production of their agricultural products, eat more local foods for a healthy living to avoid risk of None Communicable Diseases, (NCD).

Officers from DARD distributed planting materials to interested farmers and members of the public to continue planting of root crops to ensure food security at all times.

Shefa Provincial Agriculture Officer (PAO), Willie Iau, who is also in charge of Tagabe Agriculture farm, says Vanuatu is still in the rainy season so this event is timely to distribute planting materials so farmers can start planting them soon.

“Planting materials includes two varieties of dwarf curry manioc, banana suckers, hybrids of kumala cuttings, hybrid of island taro and Fiji taro and pineapple suckers,” said Iau.

He added that planting materials were free of charge except for the kava seedlings that was on sale.

According to Antoine Ravo, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD), majority of the planting materials are climatic resilient, high yielding and have fast growth rate.


Photo supplied. Caption: Vegetable farm at Tagabe


Tensly Sumbe