Amicale FC starts preparation for OFC Champions League 2016

Management of the Red Roosters confirmed a friendly competition kicked off last Saturday at Antoine Rossi ( Amicale FC) field in Port Vila with eight Premier League teams confirming their participation.

Last Saturday results- Spirit 08 FC beat Mauriki FC 4-1 and Amicale down Tupuji Imere 3-1.

The purpose of this friendly competition is to help Amicale prepare for the OFC Champions League 2016 because TVL Premier League will not start until end of January 2016.

Day One Results and upcoming fixtures


1pm- Spirit 08 FC 4-1 Mauriki FC
3pm- Amicale FC 3-1 Tupuji Imere FC

1pm- Shepherds United vs Tafea
3pm- Amicale vs Erakor Golden Star

1pm- Tupuji Imere vs Erako Golden Star
3pm- Amicale vs Ifira Black Black

1pm- Ifira Black Bird vs Spirit 08
3pm- Amicale FC vs Tafea FC


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