MP for Epi is new Vanuatu Minister for Youth and Sports

The Member of Parliament for Epi, Seoule Simeon has been appointed the new Minister for Youth Development and Sports by Prime Minister Charlot Salwai.

Simeon replaces his colleague Union of Moderate Parties MP for Efate, Norris Jack, who was removed for signing the motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Salwai’s leadership.

Prior to his appointment, Simeon was occupying the position of Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports.

In addition, Simeon, who is a first timer in this 11th legislature, also holds the position of Parliamentary Social Policy Committee.

His appointment as a cabinet minister comes as the latest move in the government political maneuvering that continues to lure support from opposition members.

Last week, five Iauko Group members, who initially signed up in support of the motion against PM Salwai, were sitting on the government bench.

The government is also expected to announce more official appointments in the coming days.

Following the recent moves, Deputy Leader of Opposition. Sato Kilman claimed that opposition members had been forced to join the government side.

And Prime Minister Salwai told the media the new appointments in the government was intended to safeguard “stability” and continuation of services to the people of Vanuatu.


Harold Obed