Pacific youth call on WHO to help change local policies

​Pacific youth in New Zealand's largest city are calling for World Health Organisation officials to help shape local policies to prevent obesity.

A recent WHO report shows that Pacific nations make up the top five countries with the world's highest obesity rates.

Four commissioners from the organisation's Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity, or ECHO, have been meeting with regional leaders in Auckland this week to discuss ways to combat the issue.

They hosted a discussion with students and teachers, which included a Skype link-up with students in the Cook Islands and Tonga.

One of the commissioners, Colin Tukuitonga, who is also the head of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, says the WHO is taking what the youth said seriously.

“I mean this is the first time we're meeting with young people anywhere in the world, so it is significant and it's obviously a big issue and we want to hear from them about their concerns about weight, about body size, about image, about health and all of that sort of stuff,” he said.