Respect Festival helps children on Tanna and Santo

Two Just Play Respect everyone and respect each other festivals took place on the island of Tanna and Santo.

Just Play Project Manager, Rorona Kalsakau said hundreds of kids turns up for the festival last week, thanks to the hard working staff, Anthony Kalia of Tanna and Dephanny Naliupis of Luganville, Santo.

“On the island of Tanna we had kids coming from remote village of Isini, Ifania and Konomas communities to Lamenu Stadium.” said Kalsakau.

“On the island of Santo, the kids came from Mango station and Chapuis area to Luganville Stadium.”

“As always, the kids learn basic skills of playing football and the most important topic of the day is respecting everyone and respects each other.”

“Things like respect, a sense of responsibility, and a can-do, positive attitude will go a long way in any environment.”

“When you display these characteristics, you are someone that others want to be around and emulate, and it will be easier to achieve success.”

“Respect is something that needs to be earned, and being respectful in school and the workplace will help you achieve greater success.”

“Whether you are dealing with a teacher, you will earn respect by taking your responsibility seriously and putting in the effort needed to do the best job possible.”

“Always be friendly but respectful.” Kalsakau said.

Just Play’ is designed for children aged 6-12 and is based around structured activity programmes as well as the distribution of equipment packs containing balls, cones, bibs, activity manuals and other resources that enable children to play football at any time and in any situation. 

Volunteers and teachers, who are trained by OFC and VFF in cooperation with its member associations, provide tuition for students on how to develop games skills and lead healthier lives.


Vanuatu Football Federation