Pacific music legend Daniel Rae Costello passes away

One of the Pacific‘s most successful musician, song writer and producer, Daniel Rae Costello has passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Costello grew up in music from his childhood days in Fiji’s second city of Lautoka.

He entertained guests both locals and tourists at the former family-run Beachcomber Island Resort for many years.

Costello’s first album Tropical Sunset was released in 1979.

He went on to release the hugely successful album Lania in 1980 and it changed the music industry in Fiji.   

Other albums followed over the years.

Daniel Rae Costello’s songs like Samba, Dark Moon and Take Me To The Island became hits and can still be heard on radio stations, at parties and nightclubs.

His music has a huge Caribbean influence that captures hearts all across the region from anywhere.

Costello went on to open his own studio, writing and recording songs in Lautoka where he lived for more than 30 years.

He and his family then moved permanently to Samoa, the homeland of his grandmother, Amy Peterson.

His mother, Jessie Rae was of a Samoan, Rotuman and Scottish descent whereas his father, the late tourism legend, Dan Costello, was Irish and both were born in Fiji.

Daniel Rae Costello continued with his musical career but as a one-man band performing in front of live audiences.  

He passed away in Australia Monday.



Photo YouTube Caption: Daniel Rae Costello