Vanuatu Fest'Napuan releases new 2019 logo

The organisers of Vanuatu’s annual music festival “Fest Napuan’ have unveiled a new logo for this year’s event.

Art for the new design was hand drawn by Narsong Taleo from Pango village.

Taleo based the design on an original which he created for the Vanuatu Rispek campaign of World Vision Vanuatu, which launched last year with a free-to-the-public music performance featuring Stan & The Earth Force.

The same campaign 'Riskpetem Yu Wan, Rispektem Narafala Man' is the theme of Fest'Napuan 2019.

The logo features two figures, a man and a woman, consenting to dance with one another, which is both a symbol of mutual respect between genders and a symbol of all of the great music that will make people want to move their feet come time for the festival.

Fest’Napuan is the Pacific’s largest music and arts festival with a mission to facilitate cultural exchange between ni-Vanuatu artists and the regional brothers and sisters of Vanuatu.

Photo supplied Caption: Fest’ Napuan music festival’s new logo


Tensly Sumbe