Pacific people to make up one in ten NZers by 2038

Statistics New Zealand figures released today show one in ten people in the country will be of Pacific descent in 20 years time.

The Pacific group will rise from 8 percent of the population in 2013 to 10 percent by 2038.

The broad Asian group will jump from 12 percent to 22 percent.

Maori will grow from 16 percent to 18 percent.

Due to lower birth rates the 'European or other' group will drop from 75 percent to 66 percent.

Modelling of smaller ethnic groups indicate the Chinese and Indian share of the population, about 4.5 percent and 4 percent respectively, will double.

Overall New Zealand's population is predicted to grow by about 1 million by 2038.

Statistics New Zealand said the ethnic shares add up to more than 100 percent because people can identify with multiple ethnicities.