Fiji send first-ever womens’ handball teams to international event

Handball Fiji is sending its first national womens’ team to represent the country at the International Handball Federation Women’s Oceania Trophy.

Fiji is fielding an U18 and an U20 side.

Head of delegation Lupeti Fihaki told The Fiji Times that the team’s primary goal is to go out and gain experience.

“This is the first team of its kind and it is safe to say that our girls have been preparing well for this tournament, it is their first time to represent Fiji in this sport and all we want is to gain experience.”

“We had a session on goal setting and although we are new, we aim to get an official placing in the event. There are six teams so at least fifth or fourth placing would do,” Fihaki said.

The Fiji men’s team had travelled the previous year to the same tournament

Fihaki adds the women’s teams are hoping to improve from where the men left off.

“I would like to hope that we are better placed than the boys because after coming back from last year’s tournament I guess the coaching team has had some kind of experience on what to expect in the tournament,” he added.

The teams will leave the country on Saturday for the tournament, which begins on 11-17 August 11 in New Caledonia.