Vanuatu’s Wan Smolbag wins water polo competition

Wan Smolbag Youth Centre has won the inaugural water polo competition held in Vanuatu.

The competition was organized by Vanuatu Aquatics Federation.

A total of seven teams competed in the event.

The grand final was a display of exceptional water polo skills and outstanding fitness.

Wan Smolbag Youth Centre had dominated throughout the day until a close semi-final saw them move through to the final defeating the Misfits by 1 goal.

Team Boss from Tebakor also dominated throughout the day coming up against the undefeated Wan Smolbag team in the final.

 The game started with both teams going goal for goal. It was in the last minutes of the game that Wan Smolbag stretched the lead to 5 goals to 3 taking the win over Team Boss.

The day closed with a presentation for the winning team along with a prize for the best and fairest player of the day, which was awarded to Sampson from the Wan Smolbag team.

Vanuatu Aquatics is looking to further develop water polo in the country.

It is a great sport that combines swimming with hand-eye coordination and team work.

The water polo programme has been made possible by support from the Pacific Sport Partnership and funded by the Australian Government.


Photo supplied Caption: Wan Smolbag and Team Boss during the final game


Tensly Sumbe