Vanuatu Beach Volleyball engages national junior side in training

The Under-16 side joined Vanuatu beach volleyball team at a training session, last week.

This was after the national senior team members and coaches participated at their first Mindset Workshops, earlier this month.

 Looking at long-term goals and purpose and perhaps most importantly -developing the Predator vs Prey mindset.

The Vanuatu beach volleyball women’s team has so far been the best at the sport in the Pacific after they recently won phase one of the Olympic qualification in New Zealand.

The Miller Pata-captained side continues to strive for excellence after returning from two weeks of COVID-19 lockdown.

The Vanuatu beach volleyball women’s side continues their high performance training and also did their online sports psychology course from Volleyball Mindset focused on mental training with Jake Hunter, the General Manager of Winning Mindset last week.

Fitness, coaching, sports psychology and team bonding are all elements taken into account for the team.