Vanuatu Cricket out to develop the sport in Santo

The Vanuatu Cricket Association through their development program have been successfully developing cricket on Santo.

With offices and staff established on Santo, Malekula and Tanna, the VCA are continuously striving to develop cricket as a sport in Vanuatu.

Over the last three months (July – September), VCA development staff on Santo have facilitated three competitions, the East Santo under 10 school cricket competition, the Inter Primary School Sports competition in rural Santo, and the Inter Primary School under 12 competition in Luganville.

East Santo U10 School Competition

The East Santo U10 school competition featured four schools from the eastern part of Santo, namely St Ann, Botmas, Natawa and Lorethiakarkar School. The competition was played in a round robin format in a boys’ and girls’ category to allow for fair competition and an even playing field for students to display their cricketing skills and abilities.

Despite tough competition during round matches, Botmas School showed their dominance with both their boys’ and girls’ team securing their spot in both category finals and Lorethiakarkar managed their way into the boys’ category final while Natawa claimed the last spot in the girls’ final against Botmas School.

However, with tough competition in the final, Lorethiakarkar defeated Botmas in the boy’s category by three wickets but Botmas girls’ team stole the show with a 65 runs victory over their opponent, Natawa.

Inter Primary School Sport Competition

The inter primary school sports competition is an annual sports competition for primary schools on Santo with the purpose to identify the best teams to represent their zone in the annual Sanma inter primary school sports competition.

The competition featured 12 schools who competed in the boys’ and girls’ category. The schools were, Prenter, Lorevulko, Sara, Lorethiakarkar, Natawa, Lethvekar, St. Barnabas, Tovotovo, Balon, Botmas, Vilvil and Mwast School.

The 12 schools entered into fierce competition for the two coveted titles, one in each category, but 10 schools were no match for Mwast School who defeated Lethvekar in the boys’ category final by 42 runs and Natawa who defeated Lorevulko in the girls’ category by 53 runs.

Luganville Inter Primary School U12 Competition

The Luganville inter primary school u12 competition whilst being similar to the inter primary school competition, features only children under the age of 12.

This competition was organized for schools in and around close proximity of Luganville to identify the best young talent to join the Sanma U12 cricket team to participate in the Sanma inter primary school sports as well.

A total of nine schools participated in the competition with the likes of, Santo East, St. Therese, Luganville Adventist School, St. Michel, Rowhani, Sarakata Centre School, Kamewa Centre School, Vunabulu Centre School and Banban Centre School.

The competition like all other competitions, was played in a girls’ and boy’s category.

St. Michel School having won four out of their six round matches upset favourites, St. Therese, in the grand final of the boys’ category when they claimed a 25 runs win against the opponents.

In the girl’s grand final, friendly rivals, Santo East and St. Michel met once more in a face off that displayed skill, competitiveness and fun however, Santo East School defeated St. Michel by 28 runs to come out on top.

The Vanuatu Cricket Association is pleased to see the growth of cricket in Vanuatu, especially on Santo and the VCA would like to acknowledge the Australian Government for funding the cricket outreach programs on Santo, Malekula and Tanna through the Pacific Sports Partnership Program.