Vanuatu Paralympic mourns the loss of Felix Willie

The Vanuatu Paralympic Committee fraternity is mourning the loss of a young promising athlete, Felix Willie who passed away at the weekend.

Willie died at Vila Central Hospital on Saturday.

Vanuatu Paralympic Coach, Deni Kalega said Willie was a promising football player but had his left leg removed through cancer.

“Felix was very strong in the upper body so Seated Javelin and Seated Shotput were obvious sports for him. “

The late Willie joined the parathletics squad and impressed his coaches Deni Kalenga and Odile Siro.

He demonstrated that athletes must be committed to training if they are to succeed.

The VPC provided bus fares for Willie to attend trainings as well as Strength & Conditioning training at the Vanuatu Rowing Club.

Willie’s commitment to sport was followed by a commitment to employment.