Ati George Sokomanu

More backing for increase in women MPs in Vanuatu

Mr Sokomanu said Vanuatu needs women involved in the development of the nation.

He made his comments as he opened the 'Women Leaders National Strategic Dialogue and Training,' which is being attended by more than 100 leaders.

Motarilavoa Hilda Lini, the spokesperson for Advocates for Women said Vanuatu women are absolutely committed, in their traditional roles as family and community economists, to making sure the culture, communities and nation thrives.

She said Vanuatu needs 50 percent of Parliament to be occupied by women.

Vanuatu's former president reveals attempts to stop independence

Mr Sokomanu gave a speech saying how important it was to gain political freedom from colonial rule.

He said no amount of money, especially in the form of a bribe, compares with the hunger for freedom after 74 years of colonial rule over the then New Hebrides.