Increased meth production in China aimed at Oceania

The head of the secretariat, Seve Paeniu, said it believed this stems from a significant increase in production in China, driven by demand for the drug in Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Paeniu said countries in Micronesia and Melanesia were also experiencing an increase in the use of methamphetamines, with a resulting rise in criminal acitivity and accompanying societal issues.

He said efforts to combat the trend had uncovered both local and foreign involvement in the illegal trade alongside the increase in criminals being deported in the region.

Trump in China for talks with Xi amid N Korea tensions

His arrival came after a speech to the South Korean parliament in which Mr Trump urged China to further isolate North Korea.

The White House sees China as pivotal in reining in the North's nuclear aims but Beijing says it is doing enough.

Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a lavish welcome to Mr Trump in what has been called a "state visit-plus".

Before his visit, Mr Trump piled praise on Mr Xi, saying he was looking forward to meeting the Chinese president after "his great political victory".

Vanuatu assures envoy it is committed to One China Policy

Charlot Salwai made the comment on Wednesday during the official presentation of over 400 athletes and officials who'll take part in the mini games next month in Honiara.

Through its aid programme, China has funded the construction of facilities for the games as well as roads on the islands of Tanna and Malekula.

Mr Salwai said he knew Taiwan's president was currently visiting its allies in the Pacific, but his government will continue to support China.

'Strategic' risks to Australia from China trade plan

The ABC has confirmed the heads of the immigration and defence departments were among those opposed to Beijing's ambitious 'One Belt, One Road' initiative, firmly advising the Turnbull Government earlier this year not to join it.

Several government sources said the Chinese plan also provoked a schism inside the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, with trade bureaucrats broadly in favour of joining while the diplomatic corps was reticent.

Diplomat's China speech renews Australia university debate

Frances Adamson, Australia's chief foreign affairs bureaucrat, called for debate not to be stifled in classrooms.

It follows recent claims of embassy influence on campuses - dismissed as "smear" by Chinese diplomats in June.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham said students should think critically.

China looks at plans to ban petrol and diesel cars

The country's vice minister of industry said it had started "relevant research" but that it had not yet decided when the ban would come into force.

"Those measures will certainly bring profound changes for our car industry's development," Xin Guobin told Xinhua, China's official news agency

China made 28 million cars last year, almost a third of the global total.

Both the UK and France have already announced plans to ban new diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040, as part of efforts to reduce pollution and carbon emissions.

Chinese debate medical rights after pregnant woman's suicide

The 26-year-old woman, surnamed Ma, jumped from a hospital window in northern Shaanxi province on 31 August. The child she was carrying was also killed.Huo Junwei, a doctor at the Yulin Number One hospital, told China Economic Daily that Ms Ma "left the ward twice and told her family that the pain was unbearable, and that she wanted a caesarean section, but the family were not willing to allow the procedure."Her husband, surnamed Yan, refutes this, telling Beijing Youth Daily that "we did not disagree to a caesarean".


'Risky delivery'

Vanuatu receives new PMO building from China

Mr Salwai thanked the government and people of China for their contribution to the development of Vanuatu at the handover ceremony yesterday

He said the old building that used to house the Public Service Commission, State Law Office, Language Services Department and Government Remuneration Tribunal was built by the French Government during pre-independence days and was used by the French Administration until 1980.

Vanuatu chiefs oppose Chinese gravel

The chair of Efate's Vaturisu Council, Chief Henry Manlaewia, said he was alarmed by reports from the Department of Biosecurity that the aggregate had been imported without being treated before shipment.

Citing the fear of contamination from foot-and-mouth-disease, the department stopped the gravel from being unloaded from a ship still moored in Port Vila harbour.

China Civil Engineering and Construction Company was contracted by the World Bank to fix the airport's runway, and the company said crushing the gravel locally would delay the project.

Teen's death at Chinese internet addiction camp sparks anger

The 18-year-old had allegedly sustained multiple injuries, and the centre's director and staff members have been held by police, according to reports.

The incident took place earlier this month in eastern Anhui province.

China has seen a proliferation in so-called "boot camps" aimed at treating internet and gaming addictions.

Some are known for their military-style discipline and have been criticised for overly harsh practices.

'Completely covered with scars'