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Intrigue and legal strategy on eve of Israel Folau's court case with Rugby Australia

On the same day that the former Wallaby's Instagram and Twitter pagesdisappeared for up to four hours, Folau's former employer filed an application in the Federal Circuit Court to have the high profile case moved.

The organisation was not immediately available for comment, but the development could be interpreted as a legal strategy to slow proceedings.

As the "little sister" to the Federal Court, the Federal Circuit Court has a track record of moving cases through quicker than its federally-based siblings and at a lower cost.

Vanuatu Acting PM: Government has not violated Constitution

He made the comment after the Supreme Court dismissed the Opposition’s case challenging the appointments of Parliamentary Secretaries (PS).

Mr. Emelee said the Government has remained silent over a long period of time putting its trust in the justice system and today the justice system has ruled that the Government has not breached the Constitution by the appointments of PS.

He said the court ruling is great news for the current coalition Government.

Campaign continues after Rabuka found not guilty

Supporters cheered the SODELPA leader, former prime minister and 1987 coup leader Mr Rabuka as he emerged from the Suva Magistrates Court late this morning.

Mr Rabuka was charged by Fiji's Independent Commission Against Corruption under Fiji's political party regulations - for providing a false declaration of his assets, income and liabilities.

If convicted, he would have been out of the running for the 14 November polls.

Former Vanuatu MPs granted bail

Sebastien Harry, Paul Telukluk, Arnold Prasad and Jean-Yves Chabod were jailed in August for perverting the course of justice.

The men were found guilty in the Supreme Court as part of a conspiracy to obtain pardons in 2015 for bribery and corruption.

The Vanuatu Daily Post reports their appeal case will be heard on October 9.


Vanuatu airport cleaners win compensation

Justice Oliver Saksak says the company has the power to dismiss a member of staff for serious misconduct, only if there is no other course to take.

He ruled that Jacklyne Sese, who had worked for the company for 16 years, and Susan Noel, who had worked for nine years, had not been treated fairly.

Tehy were awarded about $US11,000 and $US6,000 respectively.

The ruling was welcomed by other cleaners who told the Daily Post newspaper that it proved the law was applicable at all levels of society.



No bail for jailed former Vanuatu MPs

Marcellino Pipite, Silas Yatan, Thomas Laken, John Amos and Jonas James were re-imprisoned last week for three years and 10 months and with the judge saying they would remain in jail until their appeal was heard.

They were among a group 14 former MPs who were jailed in 2015 on bribery and corruption charges.


Former Solomons' PM wins election case against minister

The MP for Gizo Kolombangara, Jimmy Tanangada, caused a huge upset when he unseated the then caretaker prime minister in the 2014 elections.

The Solomon Business Magazine reports the high court has declared Mr Tanangada's election null and void.

In his decision Judge Rex Foukona found the MP guilty of bribery and treating through the use of agents who supplied food for supporters during the campaign.

Justice Foukona also banned Mr Tanangada from taking part in the next general election and said he would be advising the Governor General on the outcome of the case.

Kiribati President meets jailed seamen in Italy

A government statement said Mr Maamau extended warm greetings, provided counseling and heard of the needs of the men who are in three different prisons in Italy.

He told the former seamen with the company Hamburg Sud, to be obedient, patient and strong while serving their sentences.

Court orders “no appointment” of Police Service Commission chair pending judicial review

In his Order, Justice JP Geoghegan said he is able to allocate a hearing on October 19 at 9am at Dumbea, to hear the case.

Mr Marikembo filed his application for Judicial Review on July 12 after his appointment was revoked by the Head of State, only one month after taking office. The President then appointed former Vanuatu Mobile Force Commander Willie Vira as chair of the Commission.

The injunction has prevented the Police Service Commission from functioning thus derailing the process for the appointment of the new Police Commissioner.

Prosecution may have laid wrong charges on Natuman and Maralau’s case on conspiracy to defeat the course of justice

Mr Natuman and Mr Maralau are facing charges of conspiracy to defeat the course of justice,