Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

Farm to School’ Project in Vanualava

The ‘Farm to school’ project was first introduced on Vanua Lava in TORBA province in November 2019 with the objective of creating and supporting a supply chain of vegetables, fish and eggs to schools.

The project is currently working with farmers of Lesara village, on East Vanua Lava to promote additional information on agricultural practices, local and healthy food and means of improving the local economy.

 “Farm to school project aims to indirectly support schools with supply of food throughout the year.

Vanuatu DARD helps Ambrym establish multiplication plots

The project is facilitated through DARD’s Assistant Agriculture Officers (AAOs) on the island of Ambrym.

Multiplication plots of vegetables and demonstration plots of root crops are established on four sites namely South East Ambrym, West Ambrym (Craig Cove and Lalinda), and Ranon, North Ambrym.

It is a World Bank funded project to assist local communities maintain food security. The project has supported these community sites by donating nursery materials, vegetable seeds and water tanks for irrigation system.

DARD 2019 business plan to improve agriculture Vanuatu

The business plan has been developed to guide the implementation of the goals and objectives articulated in these two plans through the operations of the Department.

The Department is also guided by the Agriculture Sector Policy 2015-2030 and the various individual strategies such as the Coconut Strategy, Kava Strategy and the Fruits and Vegetables Strategy.

DARD said due to the national reporting requirements under the NSDP, the plan is orientated to meeting the department’s obligations under this business plan.