Domestic Flights

Mandatory ID checks on Air Vanuatu domestic flights from 1 Feb

The new policy will initially be rolled out on flights from Port Vila, Santo and Tanna.

The rest of the domestic ports will implement the new check-in requirement from 1 May 2019.

The airline has introduced the new check-in requirement because of a number of fraudulent identity practices in the past.

Air Vanuatu announced its new policy in October last year so that passengers would have sufficient time to arrange identification.

New identification requirements for Air Vanuatu domestic flights

Effective 01 February 2019, Air Vanuatu passengers flying from Port Vila, Santo and Tanna will be required to present photo ID at check-in.

This new policy will eventually be enforced across the entire domestic network with the remaining ports requiring photo identification by 01 May 2019.

The airline said they had endured several cases of adults traveling on children’s fares which was a fraudulent act, and impacted on revenue.

Strike stops New Caledonia domestic flights

The stoppage began last night and will end tomorrow.

The French High Commission has used its powers to order a skeleton service to maintain some flights in and out of Noumea.

However, the looming strike prompted the territory's international carrier, Aircalin, to bring some flights forward.

Earlier this week, the carrier decided to take legal action against the controllers' recent weekend strikes, with its director saying the strikes were timed to only disrupt Aircalin flights.