International Seafarers Day

Vanuatu celebrates International Seafarers Day

The Vanuatu Mobile Force led a parade in the morning from Fatumaru Bay to Sea Front Park.

Chief Executive Officer of Vanuatu Seafarers Union Captain Jeneck Patunvanu says the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has chosen gender equality as the main campaign theme for the day to emphasis on the importance and value of women with professional ranks throughout the maritime world.

Vanuatu sailors seek government help over grievances

At the end of a march marking International Seafarers Day the sailors showed the government a video detailing their concerns.

The video shows a long list of complaints about the ships they work on, including being underpaid, non-stop working hours, diets of tinned fish and rice meals, grim living conditions and a lack of life insurance cover.

Many of the sailors work on foreign ships but they say ni-Vanuatu ship owners are among the worst when it comes to paying their crew on time.