Kava seedlings

VAC to produce 23,000 Kava seedlings under agreement with MALFFB

The agreement was signed by the Director General for MALFFB, Moses Amos and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of VAC, Peter Napwatt, after the second kava forum recently on Santo.

Under the agreement, VAC is obliged to produce over 23,000 kava seedlings at a value of VT4 Million to supply to interested farmers. DARD will purchase kava seedlings at VT170 considering factors of production and the selling price to farmers will be VT50 per seedling.

Cloud Kava Company to provide about 17,000 kava seedlings to Vanuatu agriculture department

One of the components of the agreement is the delivery of kava seedlings for farmers.

The signing agreement is part of the ministry’ s policy directives through the office of the Minister and Director General, to continue to strengthen the participation of private sector within agriculture sector through long and short term contracts.