New Caledonia

New Caledonia readies for election

Politics in New Caledonia continue to be defined as an overarching contest between those for and those against independence and not as a battle between the left and right.

While previous elections always resulted in a Congress, and then a government, dominated by the pro-French camp, this year may see the balance tilt.

For this to happen, the anti-independence camp would have to lose three or more seats in the 54-strong Congress.

The anti-independence side fears this could happen, the pro-independence side hopes it will.

Vanuatu and New Caledonia organise ‘Friendly Games’

Vanuatu Basketball Federation (VBF) National Basketball Development Officer, Sach Duthu said both woman teams performed quality and fair game.

New Caledonia Basketball Federation Secretary General Bridget Delaveuve, graced the games and stated her satisfaction regarding their participation in the ‘Friendly Games’.

"It was a great experience for our girls and the coach. It was an opportunity to get a level of performance for our women's team preparing for the (Pacific) games," said Delaveuve.

New flights likely between Vanuatu and New Caledonia

The deal was signed by Vanuatu's prime minister Charlot Salwai and New Caledonia's president Philippe Germain in Port Vila on Friday.

Air Vanuatu's chief executive Derek Nice said it would allow the airline to increase flights and the size of aircraft used.

The airline's New Caledonia passenger traffic has overtaken New Zealand for second place behind Australia.

Mr Nice said it was set to grow further with new routes beyond the existing Port Vila-Noumea flights.

Vanuatu woman exploited in New Caledonia - report

The Nouvelles Caledoniennes reported that the unnamed woman from Efate had been hired after answering an online advertisement of an employment agency.

It said she worked as a household help for a New Caledonian couple who made false declarations by describing her as a visiting acquaintance.

The woman was made to work every day, lacked any social security and was paid about $US200 a month.

The couple will reportedly face the courts on a multitude of charges which can be punishable with up to five years in jail.


New Caledonia restates France's claim on Matthew, Hunter islands

They issued a statement after the pro-independence FLNKS movement restated its position that Matthew and Hunter islands belonged to Vanuatu's heritage.

The three said last November's independence referendum showed a majority of New Caledonians wanted to stay French.

They said they would therefore oppose any attempt to dispossess the country of part of its land and wealth.

FLNKS leader Daniel Goa said unlike the people of Vanuatu, the Kanaks had no cultural links to the two islands.

Arrests in New Caledonia over mine attacks

Two of them have been charged, with one of them admitting to setting two fires to the conveyor belt which feeds ore to the coast for shipping to the SLN smelter in Noumea

The third suspect has been transferred to prison after he had been given a jail term of 18 months in June.

The arrests came only days after 15 trucks were destroyed in Kouaoua.

Earlier police had removed a blockade of the mining site which has been the scene of protracted disputes this year with a group opposed to expanded mining.

Vanuatu deny New Caledonia a double victory

The first match took only fourteen minutes for New Caledonia to score the goal which would secure them the win.

In his international debut Antoine Roine, the top scorer in the Super Ligue with 22 goals this season, didn’t take long to show his skills in front of goal. Accelerating past the defence to latch onto a cross from the left from Joseph Tchacko.

New Caledonia continued to dominate the first half but despite a couple of credible chances, were unable to add anything further to their tally.

New Caledonia votes against independence from France

More than 174,000 voters were eligible to vote in the first such referendum in more than 30 years.

The result has defied predictions as the anti-independence camp hoped for an overwhelming victory to bury the Kanaks' aspirations for a new country once and for all.

The pro-independence side has taken heart from making inroads in the mainly European Noumea area and is determined to invoke the Noumea Accord which allows for another referendum in two years.

Interest has been unprecedented, with turnout at 80 percent and in some electorates soaring to 95 percent.

300 police reinforcements arrive ahead of New Caledonia referendum

According to the public broadcaster, the three squads will be deployed in Kone, Poindimie and Tontouta, which is near Noumea's international airport.

They have just three weeks to familiarise themselves with the new environment to be ready for November 4th.

The one-day referendum will determine whether New Caledonia will assume full sovereignty.

Teen gets 12 years for causing fatal accident in New Caledonia

He was tried behind closed doors and convicted on a charge of theft with violence causing death.

The now 18-year-old was identified as the main person who triggered the woman's fall along the road south of Noumea.

The victim was a 31-year-old nurse going home after a nightshift.

The group of four teenagers was found to have wanted to steal her motorbike but fled when other people came near the scene.

The accident in March last year initially triggered an intense debate on social media over whether her fall was the result of foul play.