Northern Provincial Hospital

NPH activates hospital EOC in Vanuatu

With a huge amount of experience and dedicated health staff, NPH has taken ownership to activate its EOC, plan for the worst and involve all its partners as early as last week.

NPH is the first hospital to activate its EOC at the request of senior health staff and hospital Acting Medical Superintendent, Dr Andy Ilo.

“Hospital EOC’s become the leading command and control centre for our health services and it allows partners to attend briefings in the morning so that we are all on the same page when tasks are handed out for the day,” Dr Ilo said.

Vanuatu’s Northern Provincial Hospital hosts health week

The health week started on Monday with a parade from Luganville main town to the event centre at the Northern Provincial Hospital grounds.

The theme of the health week is ‘Sustaining Health through Unity’

According to the organisers various topics like communicable disease, non-communicable disease and nursing career pathways will be discussed.

The highlight is a panel discussion on Friday about the increase in NCD cases.


Photo supplied Caption: Health awareness posters on display in a booth at Northern Provincial Hospital.