Organic farming

Potato, onion carrot planting programme extends to Epi

The programme is part of efforts to support the Tropical Cyclone Pam Recovery project by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Last month 72 bags (about 1.4 tons) of potato seeds were supplied to 23 farmers from Votlo Village down South to Nikaura up North East.

The farmers were also supplied with 254 packets of onion seeds and 391 packets of carrot seeds.

A training was conducted by Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) potato technician, Isaac Iaruel and AAO, Epi John Willie during the distributions.

Vanuatu govt fosters organic vegetable growing

The minister said Tanna was a traditional island for vegetable growing because of its rich volcanic soil.

Mr Seremaiah said he wanted farmers on Tanna to focus on the local organic market first, so Vanuatu could stop importing potatoes, onions and carrots from Australia.

RNZI reports he told the farmers on Tanna that becoming self-sufficient in these sorts of vegetables is what self-reliance is all about.


Torba wants to be Vanuatu's first 'Organic Province'

RNZ reports Chairman of the Torba Tourism Council Father Luc Dini said the body adopted a resolution to go organic and told operators to stop serving imported food.

Father Dini said there would be health benefits and tourists may be encouraged when they hear only local produce and fish is consumed there.

He said the removal of imported food will be difficult, but targeting people who welcome tourists is a good start.

Emae descendants vow to protect island with organics

Early this month, Emae islanders took an oath to protect their home and forbid the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides or foreign farm inputs on their island instead choosing organic farming methods for good soil health and rich natural flora and fauna.

Pioneering soil research

Termed the ‘soil health trials’, the research will actively engage farmers in Niue, Cook Islands and the Republic of Marshall Islands, with the results expected to benefit the entire region.

Led by Solomon Islander and soil scientist Dr Shane Tutua, the research will develop the scientific evidence base supporting the push for organic farming for sustainable agriculture and climate resilience in the Pacific Islands.

Samoa’s Organic Farm to Table hits the Caribbean

Hosted in Barbados, the 2nd Caribbean Agribusiness Forum was held earlier this month and featured Women in Business Development’s associate director Alberta Vitale, Milani and Paddles chef Dora Rossi and chef and author Robert Oliver.

Vitale said in designing Organic Farm to Table, there were three key audiences – the farmers, the chef/restaurant/hotel owners, and the consumer.