Port Vila

First repatriated ni-Vanuatu return to Port Vila

The group landed at Bauerfield International Airport from Solomon Islands.

They will be placed on quarantine for 14 days in a resort outside Port Vila.

At the same time 30 Fiji nationals who had been stuck in Port Vila boarded the Solomon Airlines plane to be taken to their home.

It is expected that ni-Vanuatu in Fiji will be repatriated over the next few days.

Vanuatu has no confirmed cases of Covid-19 but has the capacity to carry out local coronavirus tests.


Vanuatu Council of Ministers approves VT400million to upgrade roads

The main initiative to improve the road condition in Port Vila came about because Vanuatu is hosting the Pacific Islands Forum meeting, scheduled shortly after the independence celebration on 30 July.

However, it is yet to be decided if PIF would be cancelled or postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The National Coordinator of the 40th Independence Anniversary event, Fred Samuel, said upgrade works have already begun in Port Vila with a new road at Colardeau to Independence Park being cleared before it will be sealed.

Vanuatu children offered free international medical treatment

Six senior physicians from various top hospitals in Foshan City of China were in Vanuatu to offer treatment for children.

Parents were seen taking advantage of the opportunities as they brought in their children for medical check up.

The medical team was based at Waikara Dispensary at Freswota 1 area for treatment.

Samoan reggae artist releases latest single in Port Vila

While his name may not be familiar in some countries, the reggae artist is hitting the charts within the Oceania region with his remarkable musical talent through his reggae vibe sounds.

Born and raised in Fugalei, Samoa, Parker comes from a musical background. He is the nephew of musicians Dave and John Parker.

Parker started thirty years ago in Australia in a reggae band and then branched off into a solo career.

Vanuatu’s Port Vila municipality rolls out reserve parking in GKD

The town authorities have allocated reserve parking for the business houses that are along GKD as well as providing spaces for other vehicles.

They are charging drivers Vt100 an hour.

Port Vila City council does not need a by-law to enforce reserve parking in the City as Cap 126 that governs Municipalities around Vanuatu entrusts the respective Councils to make their reserve parking within their own jurisdiction.

Port Vila municipal council to boost relations with Luganville counterpart

“We will revisit the sister city relations we signed between our two cities in 2012 to encompass mutual agreements that will better the lives of the citizens of Port Vila and Luganville,” Mr Daniel said.

The Luganville Mayor was in Port Vila last week to “mend the chains” of communication and assistance with government agencies and aid donor countries based in Port Vila.

Custom landowners of Port Vila recognised

Vanuatu's Constitution says, "as of July 30 of 1980, all land is returned to the custom landowner".

However, since 1980, various governments had tried to compensate the surrounding communities of Port Vila for the land without identifying the genuine custom landowners.

Now under the new Land Act, the Village Land Tribunal has identified six custom landowners.

Vanuatu NGO helping youth marks 30 years

Wan Smolbag began in 1989 as an amateur theatre company with just over a dozen actors but it has now branched out into other areas of entertainment and has over 800 youths registered.

Tutor Alpha Solong said young people are developing strength and respect through Wan Smolbag's programmes, which include circus training, sports and recreation and music, alongside its theatre and film work.

Mr Solong said the company is also keeping youth out of trouble.

6 Chinese arrested in Port Vila

Confirmed reports from the Ministry of Internal Affairs said the raid was made during a normal joint Immigration Services and Police task force operation.

The 6 Chinese nationals are now in police custody waiting to be handed over to Chinese authorities

The suspects who have Vanuatu passports were reportedly identified by Chinese authorities of allegedly operating an illegal internet-based scam from Port Vila.

The arrest was made with the support of the new INTERPOL office in Vanuatu.

Crack down on health standards at Vanuatu kava bars

  The Port Vila Municipality recently passed a by-law aimed at ensuring kava bars were clean and healthy and that sellers always washed their hands with soap and water before handling kava.

The by-law also prevents people who sell kava from smoking and spitting close to where the product is sold.

Sellers must also wear an apron, a head cover and gloves.

If bar owners fail to comply with the standards then authorities can order the temporary closure of the kava bars.