Port Vila Market

Newly refurbished Port Vila market to open in June

The venue is in its final stages of completion and the Municipal Council has given approval for the contractor, Franconieri & Son Construction to begin demolishing existing toilets.

This is to make way for the construction of a new café area, completion of the seafront covered seating area and a solid waste handling area.

Over the last four weeks the Central Market has been vacated due to the State of Emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Port Vila market reopening with social distance rules

Port Vila Market was closed recently along with other public facilities as the country put measures in place to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The market has undergone a renovation and opens again today.

The Vanuatu Daily Post reports only 50 vendors will be allowed to sell at the market each day.

Municipal Council authorities are maintaining emergency restrictions on general public gatherings, but agreed to reopen the market to ensure the ongoing supply of fresh vegetables and fruit to the city's 45,000-strong population.

COVID-19 scare extends closure of Vanuatu’s Main Market

“Port Vila Municipal Council will use the time to correct the hygiene deficiencies at the Market House,” City Clerk Peter Sakita said.

It is now a widely held fact that poor hygiene spreads coronavirus and PVMC has to address the hygiene, cleanliness, social distancing issues because the Port Vila markets attracts hundreds of people daily.

South West Epi farmers access Port Vila market

Farmers from South West Epi are currently selling their local produce and small livestock animals with financial support from Member of Parliament (MP) for Epi, Isaac Daniel Tongolilu.

The group’s Team leader, Helen Tom, said the farmers are so happy and fortunate to have this opportunity to access markets outside the island of Epi.

“This is the fifth trip sponsored by MP Tongolilu since the beginning of this year 2019.  Even though we are far away from home we still feel at home because all our expenses including transportation, meals are financed by our MP.

Strike averted at Port Vila markets

RNZ reports stall-holders in the main city market and other outlets in the capital were planning to stop work yesterday over concern at an increase in the cost of permits.

The chairman of the Port Vila Market House committee, Elison Tabisal, met with the Market Vendors Association this morning and said vegetable sellers had agreed to co-operate and continue selling.

The market supplies the capital's population as well as restaurants and hotels in Port Vila.