post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Birth PTSD: Mothers speak out about long-term trauma

Olivia was born at 25 weeks and weighed 635 grams.

The new mum was plunged into a profound shock that is usually associated with returned soldiers.

"I didn't realise that I was at risk too," she said.

"When they [the doctors] tilted the bed slightly ... I could hear my blood running off ... it was horrific, I ended up with a third of my blood volume," she said.

Ms Livesey-Giles cried when she first saw her daughter.

"I just started crying and apologising to her ... she didn't look like a baby, there were tubes and wires and everything," she said.

Lady Gaga reveals she has PTSD

Gaga revealed that she suffers from the debilitating mental illness at Harlem's Ali Forney Center for homeless LGBT youth on November 25. The taped segment aired on NBC's "Today" show Friday.

She visited the center as part of a collaboration between her foundation, Born This Way, and the NBC morning show. She brought along clothing, gifts and donuts.

She also spent a few hours sharing her own struggles and experiences, including her battle with mental illness.

Gaga revealed rape in 2014