Reimann family firm reveals Nazi slave past in Germany

A partner in JAB Holding, Peter Harf, said the Reimann family was shocked by links to Nazi abuses, discovered by the Bild am Sonntag newspaper in archives.

"[Albert] Reimann senior and Reimann junior were guilty... they belonged actually in prison," said Mr Harf.

The family will donate €10m (£8.6m) "to a suitable organisation", he said.

Vanuatu seasonal worker describes work in Qld as “slavery’

Silas Aru, 53, picked fruit at farms across Queensland as part of an Australian federal government low skilled Seasonal Worker Program, The Brisbane Times reported.

The father-of-six, who described the work as 'slavery', said he was paid less than A$150 in total, and some days ate no food. 

'I have never before experienced working a full day without even a cup of tea,' Mr Aru told investigators from the Fair Work Ombudsman.

But Mr Aru was more fortunate than some of his workmates who didn't receive any money for their time working in Australia.

Obama on Trump: 'Even most 8-year-olds' know slavery was a bad time for black people

"I think even most 8-year-olds will tell you that whole slavery thing wasn't very good for black people," Obama told ABC News in an interview that aired Friday on "Good Morning America." "Jim Crow wasn't very good for black people. What we have to do is use our history to propel us to make even more progress in the future."