Vanuatu's Supreme Court overturns Speaker's decision

The Speaker, Seoule Simeon, ruled that Gracia Shadrack, the MP for Malekula, should lose his seat for missing three consecutive sittings.

Mr Shadrack was alleged to have not advised the clerk of Parliament about his absences.

But he claimed he had submitted his medical certificate on time to show that he could not attend Parliament because he was sick.

The Opposition MP challenged the Speaker's decision in the Supreme Court.

Vanuatu's Chief Justice Vincent Lunabek has made a ruling, allowing Mr Shadrack to resume his duties in Parliament.


Vanuatu Speaker ordered to pay damages to assault victim

The Daily Post newspaper reported the court ordered Simeon Seule to make the payment to Fredline Tanarango after an incident that took place in a room at Hotel Santo in 2016.

The Speaker was then Minister of Youth and Sports.

Justice Oliver Saksak said as a national leader, Mr Seule has to adhere to the Leadership Code.

According to the complaint in the civil case, Mr Seule damaged the woman's mobile phone and took her bag and threw it at her.

The claimant also said Mr Seule punched, kicked and pulled her hair causing her to fall to the floor.

Savali Talavou Ale poised to be American Samoa Speaker

Savali confirmed that the legislators have met three times and they have all lent their confidence and support for him as Speaker in the new legislature.

He said it was an honour which he didn't take lightly and was thankful for the confidence and respect extended to him by his colleagues.

Savali, who has been a faipule since 1981, ran unopposed in the House election for the Alataua District.

The election of Speaker will be held on 3 January when the representatives and senators are sworn in.

Court: Removal of masks and totem pole unlawful

Justice David Cannings delivered the decision of the Human Rights proceeding filed in 2014 by Grand Chief Sir Michal Somare and the managing director of the Papua New Guinea National Museum and Art Gallery, Dr. Andrew Moutu.

The court found that the action by Parliament Speaker Theo Zurenuoc to restore, reform and modernise the parliament house was unlawful as it infringed on section 45 of the constitution and section 9 of the national cultural property.