Torba Province

TORBA Province teachers receive boat to help with transportation

The boat was provided following a request from 43 teachers based in the province.

The teachers will now be able to move around with ease and access banking facilities, hospital and other services in the islands.  

The seven-metre boat was purchased at Vt676,000, has a passenger capacity of twelve people. It can also carry light cargo.

The boat was delivered to the TORBA Bulwea executive last weekend.


Eight malaria cases reported in Vanuatu’s Torba Province

Director of Public Health, Dr Len Tarivonda confirmed the cases were reported last weekend and the patients have received treatment at the Sola Health Centre.

“The increase in malaria cases is usually expected after a cyclone or when there is heavy rainfall or flooding,” Dr Tarivonda said.

He also reminded people in the northern provinces to always sleep under mosquito nets, use insect repellent, use physical barriers as screens and close doors and windows.

Dr Tarivonda also emphasized the importance of early detection and management of malaria infection.

Root crops awareness for Vanuatu’s Torba Province

The training was facilitated by DARD Root Crop Specialist, Tari Molisale.

Participants also covered topics like Food Security, Genetic Erosion, Soil fertility, Climate change impact, Laziness, Importance of Longest and shortest day in Vanuatu, Cropping calendar (crops for short & long day).

Torres islands northern zone area council profiled

In a Profiling exercise that took well over a week into four islands in the Torres group from March to April, a team comprising of 4 members conducted the Area Council Profiling exercise.

Vanuatu’s Torba Handicraft Co-operative releases catalogue

The programme started in March 2018 with 15 clients.

The local handicraft are produced by the weavers of Vetimboso village in west Vanualava and Motalava.

Most of their sales are distributed through the Torba Handicraft Co-operative (THC) to wholesalers mainly in Port Vila targeting a niche market with top quality products from Torba province.

"There is a high opportunity for Torba products to be sold in tourists destination such as Port Vila markets.”

25 people have been registered in the THC as co-operative members.

Cyclone Oma pelts Vanuatu for third day

The storm, still a category two, is about 295 kilometres west-southwest of the country's largest island.

It's followed an unusual path and completed three loops off Santo's western coast.

In doing this, the island's been lashed with torrential rains, strong storm surges, and winds in excess of 100 kilometres an hour.

The Vanuatu Meteorological Service says Oma's proving difficult to forecast, but it is gradually moving southwest away from Vanuatu.

However, storm warnings are still in force for at least the next 24 hours.


2 former Vanuatu Ministers donate gratitude payment to Torba province

The now Members of Parliament are Matai Seremaiah of Luganville constituency and MP Jotham Napat of Tanna Constituency.

Seremaiah was emotional during his trip to the Torba province earlier this year where he found out that all the big villages on the larger islands of Gaua, Vanualava and Motalava have not been served well in the past.

Curfew issued in Vanuatu as cyclone Donna batters Torba

The latest cyclone warning issued by the Vanuatu Meteorological Service at 5:00am this morning says Donna is generating sustained wind speeds of 130 kilometres an hour at its centre with gusts reaching up to 190 kilometres an hour.

The system was moving in a westerly direction at about 16km/hr and threatening to make landfall in the Torres Island group.

Remote island community in Vanuatu making headlines after declaring war on foreign "junk food"

Tourism leader, Father Luc Dini, says they want the population of Torba to embrace local organic produce instead and protect themselves from the illnesses associated with western food.

He has had junk food removed from the shelves of local stores and from holiday bungalows, and tourists are being served only locally grown products.

Tony Wilson, the editor of the Vanuatu Independent, which broke the story, says it's been picked up by news outlets all over the world.

Torba wants to be Vanuatu's first 'Organic Province'

RNZ reports Chairman of the Torba Tourism Council Father Luc Dini said the body adopted a resolution to go organic and told operators to stop serving imported food.

Father Dini said there would be health benefits and tourists may be encouraged when they hear only local produce and fish is consumed there.

He said the removal of imported food will be difficult, but targeting people who welcome tourists is a good start.