Vanuatu MALFFB invests in more tractors to increase production

Minister for MALFFB, Matai Seremaiah said, “I managed to convince the Governments of Australia and New Zealand to provide financial assistance by investing in mechanisation.

 “The Australian government has supported MALFFB with four tractors and New Zealand government one tractor. The tractors were allocated to the islands of Maewo, Tanna, Erromango, Efate and Epi.  For the first time last year 2018, the Vanuatu government allocated budget to purchase three more tractors,” Mr Seremaiah said.

The tractors were allocated to Gaua, Santo and Malekula.

MALFFB signs contract with Vanuatu Agriculture Supplies

The contract was signed by the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity (MALFFB), Hosea Nevu and Aaron Prendergast of VAS.

The signing of the contract follows a Government tender process for VAS to supply three tractors to the Ministry of Agriculture.

The main objective of the agreement is part of a continuity of mechanization policy of MALFFB through the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to support and assist local farmers to increase production of food and cash crop at their farm level.