Vanuatu Government

Vanuatu to discuss new casino with Laos investors

 The deputy prime minister Bob Loughman confirmed this on his return on Monday from a visit to Bhutan, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

He said a group of potential investors from Laos will visit Vanuatu at the end of July for more discussions.

Mr Loughman said the capital of Port Vila and Luganville on Santo in the north would be excluded as locations for any new casino because there was a need to boost growth and jobs on other Vanuatu islands.


Vanuatu Government welcomes another historic land decision

“We welcome this important decision”, said Minister of Lands Alfred Maoh.

“It that shows that the Court is prepared to remove the registration of leases over customary land that have not followed proper legal and administrative process. It is another decision which will help to clean up land leasing processes in Vanuatu and provides a legal path way for other custom owner groups who know that leases over their land also followed improper processes. ”

The court ruling was issued on 22 February 2019.

Vanuatu's government faces one of its toughest tests yet

Ministers from the Leaders Party, Jotham Napat and Matai Seremaiah, were this week sacked from cabinet, apparently because of fears about the party's growing strength within the coalition.

While the Charlot Salwai-led government has faced ructions before, these removals are the highest-ranked scalps so far.

A Facebook messenger group chat, leaked to the Daily Post, showed a number of government MPs disgruntled with the Leaders Party.

Vanuatu government to pay over ship sinking

The Vanuatu Daily Post reports the MV Kaona sank while in custody in Port Vila.

The ship has been partly submerged near Iririki Island Resort since 2013.

The court heard that the timber and cargo vessel was arrested by the country's patrol boat RVS Tukoro and detained in the harbour in 2013.

Justice Oliver Saksak ruled the port and harbour authorities had failed to keep the vessel safe from damage and loss.



Vanuatu PM defeats no-confidence motion

The vote, which followed a motion tabled by the opposition, was defeated by 38 votes to 11 votes, with one abstention.

Earlier, justifying its motion, Vanuatu's opposition listed eight acts which it said had allowed the prime minister's office to be called into question.

It said proposed constitutional amendments were poorly considered and consulted.

It alleged that the government's endorsement of income tax and the PACER Plus trade agreement was also poorly consulted and threatened the livelihoods of ni-Vanuatu and the wider economy.

Vanuatu government reiterates majority support

The opposition leader Ishmael Kalsakau lodged a motion of no confidence in the prime minister Charlot Salwai on Tuesday citing concerns about corruption and incompetence.

The government statement said as Mr Kalsakau deposited his motion, a meeting of the government side showed it still commanded a majority in the 52 seat parliament.

The statement said over the last three weeks the opposition had tried unsuccessfully to get government MPs to switch sides and mentioned allegations a government MP had even been lured with an air ticket.

No motion, Vanuatu Government solid

Another reliable political source told the Daily Post that there has been an attempt by some political groupings over the past weeks to try and topple the Salwai Government, but lacked numbers from the Members of Parliament (MPs).

The political source said the political organisers of the motion attempted to have a motion against PM Salwai signed while the Prime Minister was attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York, but the political group came short of the numbers.

Vanuatu Government and USP hold successful talks

A highlight of this visit was a meeting with the Honorable Charlot Salwai, Prime Minister of Vanuatu and Honorable Jean Pierre Nirua, Minister for Education and Training and their senior officials at the Ramada Resort in Port Vila, on 22 August 2017.

On behalf of the Government of Vanuatu, Hon. Salwai welcomed the USP delegation, congratulating them for the successful management of USP and the good relationship between USP and Vanuatu.

Vanuatu govt wants absconding seasonal workers home

He wants them returned to Vanuatu without delay.

The commissioner said the five men were now illegal immigrants as the Australian Government had cancelled their visas.

He said there were suspicions the men were now with another contractor in Victoria but this had to be confirmed.

Mr Kaluat said he suspected a Tongan man had promised to find them work on another farm with better pay.

But he said the men's contracts were only valid with their official employer and became invalid the moment they breached it.

Pacific Games Council and Vanuatu Govt on "same page"

The government had been witholding money from the Games' organising committee but turned the funding tap back two weeks ago on after making legislative changes.

President of the Pacific Games Council, Vidhya Lakhan, said the problems they have encountered have always been with bureaucrats who did not properly understand their responsibilities under the Games Host Contract.

He said constant changes of Prime Minister and Minister of Sport added to the challenge but things are now looking up.