Vanuatu MP

Vanuatu MP wants more action on rhino beetle

Mr Ngwele said it is likely a foreign company operating in north east Efate is responsible.

He is calling on the authorities to confirm the culprit and penalize the company, saying the beetle is having a field day destroying the coconut plantations and there is nothing done to stop its onslaught.

The Daily Post reported the director general of agriculture, Moses Amos, saying his office has neither the manpower nor the funds to fight the beetle.

The government has allocated $US447,000 to deal with the pest but Mr Ngele said this is not enough.

Vanuatu MP angry French ships stopped by officials

The French navy vessel D'Entrecasteaux was not allowed to anchor at Aneityum this week.

The Tafea MP, Tomker Netvunei, took issue with a Foreign Affairs officials stopping the vessel and delivering building materials for a classroom complex for Teruja Secondary School and a medical clinic on Aneityum.

The Daily Post reported Mr Netvunei saying the Matthew and Hunter issue cannot be used as a bargaining tool where aid assistance might be threatened.

Vanuatu MP facing arrest over failure to appear in court

The Port Vila MP was due to appear for sentencing yesterday, after he was earlier convicted on tax charges.

The Daily Post reported that as manager of Parts Plus South Pacific, he had refused to pay the tax since December 2010.

His non-appearance means Seule risks having his bail revoked.

Vanuatu MP praises NZ parliament

RNZ reports Andrew Solomon Napuat the Member of Parliament for Tanna constituency was among 40 Pacific parliamentarians in New Zealand last week for the Pacific Parliamentary Forum.

Mr Napuat said what he found particularly intriguing about New Zealand's parliament was its recognition and engagement with Maori and Pasifika peoples.

He said Pacific parliaments should emulate New Zealand and establish closer connections with rural communities.

"This is something that we should encourage and it is my hope that future politicians continue to treasure this."