Vanuatu Police Force

Vanuatu Police Officers return after Bouganville Referendum

Bila and Garae left on October last year for a two weeks Pre-Deployment Training (PDT) in New Zealand (NZ) before heading to Bougainville for the Bougainville Referendum Regional Police Support Mission.

The regional support mission consisted of officers from Australia, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and NZ as the head of the mission.

The two Vanuatu officers were based at Buin, a town and capital of South Bougainville District with six NZ counterparts.

VPMU help Police with preparation for open day

VPMU handed over the sets of material to the Police Superintendent James Aru Toka witnessed by other Police Traffic Unit Officers.

The materials included Tingting Rod Sefti posters, stickers, road traffic signs posters and Tingting Rod Sefti T-Shirts.

“We believe the materials will be of great value and use to the work of the Police Traffic Unit who continue to emphasis road safety messages through their awareness campaigns.

Building good road infrastructures is one thing, using them safely is completely another.

Vanuatu Ombudsman Office signs MOU with VPF

The agreement will also see the two institutions facilitate exchange of information between them.

Acting Ombudsman Alain Molgos and the Acting Police Commissioner Colonel Robson Iavro signed the MOU last week.

The agreement combines the specific functions and objectives of both agencies as mandated by law.

Vanuatu Acting Police Commissioner calls on police to work together

He made the statement at the opening of the VPF Business Plan Budget meeting at the Aquana resort in Port Vila.

Iavro highlighted some important policy decisions and directions that will soon be implemented, saying it is very important to help the VPF shape a way forward to address the security challenges and risks and at the same time build on opportunities that are currently present.

Iavro also emphasized on building a stronger relationship with citizens through better delivery of services and through greater involvement of citizens in the Police Force.

Vanuatu Police participates in cyber safety workshop

Pacific countries who are part of the training last week were Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands, French Polynesia and Samoa.

The Tier 1 investigation training is the first step of the training, which is the basic training to start and develop the skill of an investigator on cybercrime and technology.

The participants received certificates, which qualify them to do Tier 2, which will be more intents and hands on investigation tools.

Australian Federal Police trainers will assess the best candidate to complete the Tier 3 training in Australia.

Vanuatu Police connected to AW Passenger Module

TCU Officers are now able to monitor passenger movements across Vanuatu borders, their visas and their passport details.

“In the past TCU usually requests this information from the Statistics Office (NSO) and it can take up to weeks for NSO to provide this information. With this access, TCU are now able to access this data from the comfort of their offices with a click of a button”

TCU confirmed that talks are already in place to link the Passenger Module with the Interpol system used by the Police to target persons of interest.

Vanuatu police officers to attend national security seminar in China

While addressing the officers today, Commissioner of Police, Albert Nalpini said it is historical for the VPF to send a large number of officers to China.

Nalpini emphasized the need for discipline and urged the officers to be good security ambassadors of Vanuatu on Chinese soil.

The seminar will focus on the international security landscape and the needs of the security area in Vanuatu.

There will be a range of lectures, practical and enterprise visits.

Vanuatu police woman receives award at Australasian Policing Conference

This is another milestone for the VPF through Australian Council of Women and Policing (ACWAP) to receive for the first time ever an award Excellency in Law enforcement.

Investigation into alleged misappropriation of AVL funds begins

Details of the allegations is not known, but in December last year then Minister of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) Maki Simelum, when answering questions in Parliament, put the figure of misappropriated funds at around VT29 million.

Some of the AVL staff who were accused of misappropriation and were terminated by the previous board of directors under the previous Board of Directors have been reinstated through a court order. The Supreme Court found their dismissal was unlawful as it did not comply with necessary requirement processes.