Vanuatu Prime Minister Charlot Salwai

Vanuatu PM facing another no confidence motion

The motion was delivered by the MP for Efate Rural, Joshua Kalsakau, on Friday.

His brother, the leader of the opposition Ishmael Kalsakau, said there were four main grounds for the motion, including the multi-million dollar Air Vanuatu loan granted by the government.

MPs were not consulted on the loan which had no budget appropriation, Ishmael Kalsakau said.

The other grounds are the welfare of Ambae Volcano victims, copra subsidies and what Ishmael Kalsakau calls the questionable work of the Chair of the Public Service Commission.

China air services agreement top priority for Vanuatu PM

Speaking following his meeting with Jacinda Ardern, Salwai said he would also be discussing Vanuatu's future involvement in China's Belt and Road Initiative.

"So maybe some issues around how we can get support assistance to build our infrastructure in Vanuatu. When I say infrastructure, it's not only roads, it's not only wharfs, it's not only telecommunications's also health and education."

Charlot Salwai said while Vanuatu would prefer grants, it won't stop seeking loans from China to achieve its development goals.

Vanuatu PM meets with NIWA in Wellington

RNZ reports this morning he went to the headquarters of New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research or NIWA.

NIWA's general manager Rob Murdoch gave Mr Salwai and seven other Vanuatu delegates a briefing on his organisation's activities.

With regular expeditions ranging from the Antarctic up to the tropics, NIWA's monitoring of marine and climate patterns is of increased interest to Pacific island countries.